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Elektronik Udvikling ElektronikUdvikling WIFI
Elektronik Udvikling ElektronikUdvikling WIFIARDUINO elektronikudvikling elektronik udviklingxelektronikudvikling LTE cat m1 nb-iot production sigfox loRaWan
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                                                                                               3G GSM module Development elektronikudvikling

 Elektronikudvikling Elektronik Hardware udvikling

      Lte-M ioT customized solutions

  Bluebeacon customized Solutions

  Bluetooth Solutions     Lte BlueioT

  BluetoothGateway Solutions  

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  MQTT customized                Narrowband lte iot nb-iot modul

 Bluetooth Gateway

Bluegateway BeaconGateway

customized to lte-m iot , WiFi  or Ethernet 100mb Lan

                     direct link:   BluetoothGateWay

bluetooth gateway to GSM modul udvikling


          WedeCon Design -
  Electronics Design & Consultancy.
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 WedeCon Design tilbyder                          Kunde-tilpasset  Elektronikudvikling & Elektronikmontage & ElektronikProduktion.

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Elektronik Udvikling ElektronikUdvikling WIFI Wedecon  .Elektronik Udvikling ElektronikUdvikling WIFI Wedecon

  • Product Development Hardware - Entwicklung
  •    /Elektronik Produktudvikling Elektronik.
  • - Electronics Hardware R&D Development.
  •   Analogue, Digital, Microprocessor, RF, Bluetooth , LTE-M  ioT, GSM, LoRA, LoRAwan, GPS Embedded, Layout.
  • - Projects and Project Management.
  • - Specialist in VDI electronics hardware development of  
  •    (Voice-Data-Image) Home Cabling Systems.
  • - Connected Home Networking hardware development- of    CATV, Audio, Video,
  • HDMI and Data on twisted pair distribution. 
  • - Experienced with LexCom Home & IHC Net R&D development.  
  • - MoCA - Multimedia over Coax Network.
  • - Project Management of outsourched Developments.              ( Europe, India, China and Asia )
  • - Freelance - Consulting  Freiberufler - Konsulent_ 
  •    Contractor .
  • - Two Way Radio System Accessories Electronic        
  •    Development.
  • - Bluetooth Beacon Module Development (on chip level)
  • -  868Mhz -433Mhz-2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control -
  • - LTE-M  GSM / GPS module electronics development
  • -  Wifi  Wireless Remote Radio control - Iphone- Ipad 
  • - EMC Electronics hardware Design.
  • - Software Development / Software Udvikling / product
  • - Telematics Automotive Module R&D Development
  • - LED module hardware design.
  • - Arduino ESP32 customized udvikling
  • - PCB Layout & Design - Schematics- Protel - Altium .
  • - Electronics Prototype module Development.
  • - Quality Improvement.
  • - Cost Reduction.
  • - Idea generation.
  • - Design for Assembly &  Design for Manufactoring.
  • -  Contacts to Design houses and Manufactoring in Asia

Please Contact us for further information.
We are fluent in German , English & Danish languages.
  Skype & QQ  available 24hour also week-end

Indien Outsourcing Embedded Hardware elektronik udvikling

Elektronik Udvikling ElektronikUdvikling Wedecon
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 R&D Profile:
 +40 years experience in electronics hardware development and project management  from Motorola and Schneider Electric.

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